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On an area of over 4500 m2 are situated machines and facilities for cutting, CNC-turning, CNC-milling, welding and inside diameter finish machining. The cylinder barrel is mostly made from seamless cold-drawn tubes suitable for skiving and roller-burnishing. In some cases the usage of welded, skived and roll-burnished tubes is also available.

A stock with high running tubes is also located at the same area. Common used steel grades of the tubes are S355 +SR as well as 20MnV6 +SR acc. to EN 10305-1.

Robot welding as well as number of semi-automatic welding devices ensures stable, high quality level of the welding seam between cylinder base (bottom) and the barrel.



For production of the piston rods or plungers we apply both ways: using common chrome plated steel bars or in-house manufacturing right from raw materials. For this purpose HES has available machines for CNC-turning, center-less grinding, polishing as well as own electro galvanizing installation for hard chrome plating.

The standard thickness of the chrome is between 25μm to 35μm. Higher thickness could be also provided under special request. By carrying out a 200-hours neutral salt spray test the guaranteed corrosion resistance level is Grade 9 acc. to ISO 10289 NSS.

Induction hardening devices enables us to produce hardened solid or hollow piston rods up to 1.5 meter long.



Wide range of 2, 3 and 5 axis high precision CNC machines of Japanese company MAZAK ensure best quality of compact parts as: pistons, cylinder heads (glands), cylinder bases (caps), integrated valve blocks, port blocks etc.

Cleaning and de-burring of the turned and milled parts have most importance for further reliable function of Hydraulic cylinders. For that purpose except the common washing machines, HES use TEM (thermal energy method) machine of KENNAMETAL Extrude Hone. The TEM process utilizes the combustion of methane gas within a pressurized chamber to remove burrs, flashings or hidden contaminants from machined components through an oxidation reaction.

Compact parts workshop situated over area of more of 5000 m2 have also own fully automated system included: stock for materials, loading / unloading manipulator and band saw cutting machines.



On an area of over 5300 m2 are situated our facilities for the special processes as: cylinders assembly, pressure testing, painting and packaging.

We generally assemble vertically as we can thus ensure inline conformity between the axis of cylinder barrel and piston rod. Nevertheless for special purposes horizontal assembly is also possible. Eight double-side test benches give us ability every cylinder to undergoes hermetic test under high hydraulic pressure. Central hydraulic power station provides constantly clean oil to the test benches.

Two conveyors, each of them equipped with Washing, Fe-phosphating and Heating sections are at disposal. GRACO systems for manual application of primer and top coat are of electrostatic type, which ensures an even distribution of the substance. In combination with the originally shot-blasted cylinder surface the covering layer guarantees rate 10 acc. ISO 10289 NSS after 500-hours neutral salt spray test performance.



Our highly skilled mechanical engineers provides all product development stages: from the design to the implementation in the mass production. Because of their excellent skills and experience with a structural engineering analysis & design software all our design engineers are able to create 2D and 3D graphical representation of the product.The document file formats are most used and integrated with our system for an effective management of the business activities as well as with the most CAD systems.

HES Plc has invested heavily in the latest machining equipment and in our modern workshops, recently adding CNC mashines. That caused the formation of a specialized team of CAM-engineers with knowledge of new technologies and ability to implement a new technical solutions. Our highly trained and qualified CAD/CAM design engineers take your project and develop it into a product fit not only for its purpose but for cost effective production, the result of effective value engineering.

We know that staff training and development is fundamental to our business growth. That is why the quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors for us. The employee training & development program in our organization teaches every new member of the engineer team and provides increasing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of all employees.